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Email Option #1 (Crepey Skin)-
SUBJECT: You're not the only one to notice your crepey skin!

We all know that the first thing to make its grand appearance is that noticeable saggy skin, or what I like to call 'crepey skin'. It is certainly a heart sinking sign of ageing and the difference between looking young and fruitful or as old as the hills.

The first place I noticed crepey skin was my neck, but it can be seen on your arms, hands, elbows... must I go on.


Your skin is the first thing people notice about you, and there's nothing that shouts "I'm getting old" more than thin, wrinkled skin on those areas :(

So, can crepey skin be reversed?

The Age Reversal Technique is specially designed to tighten up these areas of loose skin, the sad truth is creams rarely work on their own but they do go well with a face exercise routine.
And the best part? The exercises take just 20 minutes each day.

So to cut it short, if you don't like the thought of searching google for some anti-aging potion you can try the Age Reversal Technique for 60 days and I bet you see some shocking results, it's backed by science after all.


Email Option #2 (Formal)-
SUBJECT: Stop Looking Old and Reclaim Your Youthful Years!
Hi (NAME),

Exercising your body keeps it healthy and youthful, but what about your face?
We’re so used to hearing about eating healthy and exercising regularly to maintain a healthy body. So why is it that all exercises stop at the neck?

There are over 50 muscles in the face. Each one plays a key role in keeping your face healthy and toned for a youthful appearance. But, if they are not exercised correctly, our skin starts to sag, becomes puffy and loses its definition.

So, if our facial muscles are so important, why are we not taught how to exercise them? And more importantly, how can you learn to care for them?

The Age Reversal Technique is specially designed to teach you all you need to know about exercising these muscles. It helps to alleviate tension, stress and puffiness in your face to reveal youthful, glowing skin.

And the best part? The exercises take just 20 minutes each day.

If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for, click the link below to check out the very facial yoga guide that celebrities have been hiding for years. For the same price you'd pay for lunch you can get access to the Age Reversal Technique and reignite your youthfulness.


Email Option #3 (Informal)-
SUBJECT:  (NAME), how come you look old and celebrities don't?
Hi (NAME),

It all starts at 30. The existential dread of leaving our 20s behind looms. Everything is thought to change after 30. Especially our bodies and how we look.

But what if it didn’t have to? What if, by some miracle, we could remain youthful forever?

We’re convinced day in, day out that we need skincare products. Collagen is anti-ageing. Vitamin C is good for brightening. But products are only skin deep. What about the 50 muscles in our face that we have neglected all these years?

Our facial muscles are responsible for keeping our faces youthful and defined. If we don’t exercise them, our skin starts to sag and our features become puffy and dehydrated.

But it’s never too late to take your beauty into your own hands.

Hot on the block, facial yoga is loved by the Kardashians, Gwenyth Paltrow and even Megan Markle. Building on this phenomenon, the Age Reversal Technique involves applying pressure to certain pain points and massaging each area to stimulate the muscles and drain the lymphatic system.
If this sounds like exactly what you’ve been waiting for, click the video link below and see what PhD Dr. Emily Dowd has to say about facial yoga and unlock the secret to youthful skin.


Email Option #4 (Follow Up)-
SUBJECT: You Have (1) New Message
Hey (NAME),

Dr. Emily Dowd from The Age Reversal Technique has slashed the price on the mega bundle and I thought of you straight away.

Exercising your facial muscles helps to make your skin look tighter, your skin more defined and your wrinkles diminished.

In just four weeks, you’ll see a huge difference with the Age Reversal Technique.

As a part of the programme, you can expect:
Facial yoga training programme (fine-tuned by expert PhD Dr. Emily Dowd)
Daily exercise routine to help reduce wrinkles and sagging
1-3 meditation tracks to help focus and increase your progress
The Complete Info Guide covering all you need to know about facial yoga (premium package only)

With over 50 muscles in our faces waiting to be put to good use, there’s absolutely no time to waste.

Discover the power of facial yoga today to improve your wellbeing and reveal glowing, gorgeous skin, no matter your age.


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